The Collie Rescue Foundation: 10 Years Old and Going Strong

The following article first appeared in the December, 2015 issue of Collie Club of America’s “Bulletin.”

By Candi Sapp-Sabata, CRF President 

The Collie Rescue Foundation, Inc. is a national organization established to promote and assist in the rescue of purebred Collies. The foundation’s primary goals are to provide emergency funding to rescues; to provide education on responsible pet ownership; to assist in fund raising ideas or opportunities for rescues; and offer guidelines for adoption of rescue Collies. By offering education and guidelines we hope to provide a uniform set of procedures to groups offering rescue Collies for adoption.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Collie Rescue Foundation, Inc.  Following the Montana seizure in 2002, our organization began with the foresight of CCA President Michael Esch who expressed a desire to form a committee to establish a national Collie rescue organization together.  The actual committee was chosen by Pati Merrill in 2004 when she became President of CCA.  She envisioned a national umbrella organization that would step up to aid any Collie in rescue.  Our by-laws were adopted in September of 2005, when the committee was installed with Officers and a Board.  While we are separate from the Collie Club of America, we are indebted to them for their support, both past and present.  We are 501c3 and founded to provide financial aid to any rescue Collie that needs medical attention so that he/she can find their forever home.  Whether it’s a large-scale seizure with dozens of Collies or one dog in rescue needing help, we are there for them.

CRF is dedicated to financially assisting individual collie rescue organizations around the country, and without the generous support of our many donors, CRF would not be able to do so.  To you, our donors, we are forever grateful!  We are proud of the fact that more than 97% of your donations go to the mission of supporting rescues, with a mere 3% going to administrative expenses.  Our Officers and Board of Directors serve in a volunteer capacity with many of the operating expenses being borne by them.  In 2014, we provided approximately $36,000 in assistance to the various collie rescue organizations.

You can find us on the web at where you can read our newsletter and follow stories of rescue Collies that CRF has helped.  You can also locate us on Face Book: “Collie Rescue Foundation.” Remember to “like” us, and be sure to watch for our fundraising auctions that we hold there!  Additionally we have a booth at the CCA National where we enjoy our biggest fund raiser of the year.  Please drop by and say hello!

When rescue groups from around the country have achieved “Affiliate” status with CRF, it means they have met our screening process and are then listed as a resource on our website to become the core of our efforts to help Collies.  While they are not the only ones who step up, they are who CRF turns to first when there is something to be done.

The CRF has a very efficient process for getting information out to rescues, about Collies in need.  When a person knows of a Collie in need of rescue assistance, all they need to do is contact us through the CRF web site, or through our CRF Face Book page, preferably through the private message feature.  Once we’ve been given the information, CRF sends that info in an email to the rescue affiliates, generally within an hour. Then the rescue in the geographical area of the collie in need takes the appropriate action! If you do contact us remember to include all the important contact information in your email: who, what, where, and how to contact the person who has the Collie.  We cannot help unless we have the accurate info to locate the Collie. We are all volunteers, so please give us a chance to disseminate the information; we are all concerned about these Collies too.

In celebration of our 10 Year Anniversary, we have a new logo to take us into the new decade.  Many thanks to Ramonette Dugan for designing this beautiful illustration of our love the Collie.  We hope that you love it as we do.

Collie Rescue Foundation logo.

Our Officers and Board are: Candi Sapp-Sabata, President; Vickie VonSeggern, Vice-President; Kathy Jackson, Secretary and Newsletter Editor; Mary Jane Anderson, Treasurer; and Board Members: Kathy Downey, Jeannette Poling, and Diane Troxell.  Website: Joan Spradley Johnson.

We hope you will become a member of the Collie Rescue Foundation. We need you to help us help Collies. You will find our membership application on our web site: and donate through PayPal, or you can send your donation to our Membership Chairman, Diane Troxell, 5765 E. Sunset Point Drive, Cornville, Arizona 86325    CRFMEMBERSHIP@YAHOO.COM  We hope you will join us, because remember: