Collie Rescue Foundation, Inc. (CRF)

Guidelines for Funding

  1. Monies may be requested from the CRF general fund to assist with medical expenses. Rescues are responsible for routine veterinary care such as vaccinations, spay/neuter, heartworm testing or preventative, and other parasite testing.  Rescues are also responsible for any taxes.  It is understood that requests for funding for individual dogs must follow CRF guidelines previously stated, but each request is also considered on a case-by-case basis. Because of the financial burden that a large scale/multiple dog rescue would have on a rescue group, CRF will consider financial aid (for routine care) in those situations.
  2. All requests for funding must be submitted with documentation supporting the financial need including, but not limited to, veterinary receipts or estimates and emergency travel or care receipts (in case of a multi-dog rescue). Requests for financial aid should be submitted to the person whose name is on the form, via email or snail mail, with appropriate copies of bills or estimates attached. Requests are then submitted to the board and acted upon in a timely manner. If a request is approved, the rescue will be contacted and the treasurer will issue a check to the designated payee. Requests can be paid to the rescue or the veterinary practice directly.
  3. Along with the required documentation for funding, a photograph of the dog (or a sampling of pictures in cases that involve multiple dogs), will be provided to the CRF. This photo is primarily for documentation purposes, but it is also provided with the express agreement that the photograph, the story of the dog, its history and adoption may be used for publicity and fund raising by the CRF.
  4. Requests for funding must be received by CRF within 6 (six) months from the time that the medical expense/s were incurred.
  5. CRF will now reimburse for dentals at a rate consistent with our previous funding formula, and will reimburse for MDR1 genetic testing at 100% of cost (if completed through Washington State University; the link is here).
  6. Requests for funding will not be considered for personal pets, sanctuary dogs, euthanasia or dogs that are unadoptable.  The CRF will also not disburse funds for dogs when the origin of the animal is other than the United States (an imported rescue dog).