Pet Trusts & Pet Protection Agreements

What to do...just in case... Rachel Hirschfeld, Esq. "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) People live longer, have more pets and treat them more like family than [...]

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MDR1 Gene Mutation

Dangerous Sensitivity To Trifexis And Ivermectin For Dogs Although this article focuses generally on Australian Shepherds, it contains some very worthwhile information on MDR1 gene mutation and Ivermectin.  Courtesy of While the Australian Shepherd is an aussome breed, it is vulnerable to [...]

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Collie Camp

This article first appeared in, and is reprinted here with permission of, the Collie Club of America, June 2015 Bulletin. by Vickey Willard of Houston Collie Rescue I’ve been working rescue since 2000. Over the years, you read about the animal seizures from [...]

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Happy 10th Birthday CRF!

The Collie Rescue Foundation: 10 Years Old and Going Strong The following article first appeared in the December, 2015 issue of Collie Club of America’s “Bulletin.” By Candi Sapp-Sabata, CRF President  The Collie Rescue Foundation, Inc. is a national organization established to promote and [...]

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Getting Over Rover

What is it about dogs, exactly, that makes them so precious to us? By Frank T. McAndrew, Ph.D. Article reprinted from Psychology Today January 29, 2017 Recently, my wife and I went through one of the more excruciatingly sorrowful experiences of our long [...]

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Tomball Collies Update

150+ Collies: Justice Served 3 Collies turned into 150+ Collies, an Ownership Case, a Bankruptcy Case and 5 State Criminal Charges One of the most significant cases in Texas animal law got justice today for over 150 Collies. This is the case in [...]

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Collie Rescue News

Rescue Stories By Jeannette Poling, Board Member Reprinted from the Collie Club of America – The Bulletin, Spring 2016 Issue The Collie Rescue Foundation, Inc. is a national organization established to promote and assist in the rescue of purebred Collies. The foundation’s primary [...]

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Dog’s Best Friend

A geneticist makes strides in understanding a complex disorder affecting canines and humans. By Clinton Colmenares Article reprinted with permission. “Lassie, come home!” But first, Clemson genetics researcher Leigh Anne Clark, would like to get a cheek swab to study your genes. Anyone [...]

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