About CRF

The years 2002, 2003, and 2005 were sadly landmark years in Collie rescue history. Our breed suffered three major rescues involving 50 dogs or more in that time span. The largest was the Montana Collie rescue with 171 Collies. In each case, the costs were tremendous, and those involved made many personal sacrifices. Before 2005 there was no national organization with 501c3 status that could raise tax-deductible money with distinct funds and record keeping.  Mike Esch, then president of the Collie Club of America, realized that the national breed club did not have 501c3 status either, or committees or guidelines to deal with the unprecedented events. His hope for a national organization began with his tenure and continued with his successor Pati Merrill.

As the new CCA president, Pati Merrill’s vision was for a national organization to have a working relationship with all Collie rescues throughout the country, via a website and contact people, but also be a separate entity from the CCA parent club. This new organization would be a resource of information, a central location for local rescues, and available for emergency funds should the need arise, whether the rescue was one or 100 Collies.  In 2005, the Collie Club of America voted to provide funding for a separate, autonomous 501c3 rescue organization. No other national Collie group is dedicated to issues pertaining to Collie rescue. In September of 2005, the Collie Rescue Foundation, Inc. was incorporated with a Board committed to fulfilling those visions.

Today in 2019 the Collie Rescue Foundation, with the support of the Collie Club of America and contributions made by Collie Rescue Foundation’s generous membership, continues to assist local rescues – in operations both large and small. Since its inception, the Collie Rescue Foundation has disbursed nearly $200,000 to rescue organizations throughout the country.

When Collies come into rescue, they are often in poor health. Years of neglect take a toll on them. Rescue gets busy restoring these dogs so that they can go to their forever homes. We are here for those local rescues, and we hope you will be here for us with a donation or membership. You might also consider remembering us when doing your estate planning. Gifts made to charities are exempt from gift tax.

We are sincerely thankful for your support.