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The Collie Rescue Foundation, Inc. is a national organization established to promote and assist in the rescue of purebred Collies. The foundation’s primary goals are to provide emergency funding to rescues; to provide education on responsible pet ownership; to assist in fund raising ideas or opportunities for rescues; and offer guidelines for adoption of rescue Collies. By offering education and guidelines we hope to provide a uniform set of procedures to groups offering rescue Collies for adoption.


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The Foundation is proud of the fact that more than 97% of your donations goes to the mission of supporting rescues.  Only 3% of your donation goes to administrative expenses. The Collie Rescue Foundation is made up of Officers and Board of Directors who serve in a volunteer capacity with many of the operating expenses being borne by Officers and Board. Without you, our members, we would not have been able to provide $200,000 in financial assistance to rescues throughout the country since incorporating in 2005.

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To become a Member of the Collie Rescue Foundation, please complete the online membership enrollment form. Collie Rescue Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. Membership is tax exempt.

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